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In our page which is a guide to Blue Voyage, Chartered Boats and Yachts, we tried to answer the questions of how to go to Bodrum, what to do there, how is the wind, to what should pay attention to in its bays and shores, where to anchor, where are the marinas and what the historical places to see on the shores are.

Guide to Bodrum, Sailing & Blue Voyage Routes, Private Charter Yachts and Boats

When we hear the word Bodrum, most of us first think of the turquoise sea, white houses and that song singing 'Bodrum Bodrum'. Cute white houses sprawling from Göktepe's hillsides towards the sea, narrow alleys, the historical castle and of course, sailboats and yachts over the blue sea.

Bodrum is situated right across the Greek island of Kos, inside Güllük Bay. Turgutreis, Bitez, Ortakent, Yalıkavak, Güvercinlik and Torba districts located around Bodrum have become the most popular districts for vacationists because of its hotels, motels and hostels.

With the advantage of its location in the middle of Mediterranean and Aegean climate bands, Bodrum has a habitable weather both in summer and in winter. Humidity is almost non-existent, just like Marmaris, Fethiye and Göcek.

Concerning night life and entertainment, Bodrum is Muğla's leader. In summer months, it's the leader in whole of Turkey. Bars, large and small, discos and clubs are open for party lovers in Bodrum all year long.

In the market that opens in Bodrum, you can find clothes on Tuesday and food on Friday.

Bodrum is built upon the remains of Halicarnassos, the capital of the ancient Karia civilization, and has been the place for mariners all along history.

The ancient castle built between the two bays of Bodrum by the Saint-Jean Knights of Rhodes has been restored and is being used as a museum of marine archaeology.

The Bodrum castle is like a lighthouse for sailors, you can see the castle from the deck of your ship, even when you're very far from it. There are two bays in which boats can anchor on the eastern and western sides of Bodrum Castle. The bay to the east was settled by Cretan immigrants, and called "Roman Neighborhood" The western bay is called "Turkish Neighborhood".

The architecture of Bodrum is generally based upon single story, white houses. The Bodrum Gulf deserves being visited with its bays, sea, beaches, entertainment venues, history and nature. Be it from the land or the sea, by chartering a boat or yacht, we suggest you discover these beauties with a Blue Tour.

Bodrum is a wonderful vacation spot for nature sports, apart from its natural beauty, sea, history, beaches and Boat, Yacht vacations and Hotels. The most popular nature sports in Bodrum are

Water sports: scuba diving and underwater photography being the first in line, sailing, swimming, canoes, diving, wind surf and water ski.

Nature sports: Jeep safari, bicycle tours, trekking, paragliding, and camping are the most popular ones.

Bodrum is the center of scuba diving tourism in Turkey with its more than 15 dive points. It offers wonderful alternatives for diving enthusiats with ancient underwater ruins and natural beauties. In addition to many fish and octopus species found in the Mediterranean and the Aegean, there are many other tropical fish in Bodrum. Apart from the Mediterranean and Aegean flora and fauna, Bodrum offers different caves and tunnels and even meteor craters. There are many dive schools and diving shops in Bodrum.

How to Go to Bodrum ?

There are bus lines operating from almost anywhere in Turkey to Bodrum, which is very easy to reach by land or by air. There are two nearby airports to Bodrum. Milas airport is 30 kilometers, and Dalaman airport is 210 kilometers away from Bodrum. There are regular minibus lines operating within Bodrum to all of its districts. There are Bodrum shuttles and taxis from Milas airport, and minibus lines from downtown Milas.

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Marinas and Suitable Anchor Locations in Bodrum

In and around Bodrum Gulf there are many locations and water gages suitable for your boat or yacht. You can tie to ground tackles both in open sea or at the pier. In summer, in areas of heavy marine traffic, you may experience some difficulties.

Marinas in Bodrum:

D-Marin Turgutreis Marina

550 yachts up to 75m and 150 land parking capacity, slipway repair and maintenance services.

Location: 36°59'59" N 27°15'21" E

Phone: +90(252) 382 92 00

Fax: +90(252) 382 62 00

E-Mail: [Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!]

Web Site: [www.d-marin.com]

Milta Bodrum Marina

450 yachts over sea, 50 yachts on land, full technical service, security, health care and social services.

Location: 37° 02‘ 00" K - 27° 25‘ 50" D

Phone: +90(252) 316 18 60

Fax: +90(252) 316 14 06

E-Mail: [Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!]

Web Site: [www.miltabodrummarina.com]

Palmarina Bodrum

Phone: +90(252) 382 311 0611

Fax: +90(252) 382 385 3281

E-Mail: [Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!%5D">Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!]

Web Site: [www.palmarina.com.tr]

Port Iasos Marina

150 yachts capacity inside Gulluk Gulf

Location: °14’94”N 27°32’14"E

Phone: +90(541) 760 42 41

Fax: +90(252) 316 62 19

E-Mail: [Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!]

Web Site:[www.portiasos.com]

Guvercinlik Bay and Salih Island:

Location: 37°8'13.00" N - 27°34'40.00" E

This bay joining green with blue is on the Bodrum-Milas highway. It's 20 km to Bodrum, 30 km to Milas and 13 km to Milas Airport.

You can find a community clinic, pharmacy, hotel, ATMs of various banks, and grocery shops that can satisfy your shopping needs in Güvercinlik.

Salih Island, which is right across the bay offers a wonderful view.

Güvercinlik Bay is open in the west, therefore attention must be paid to winds from that direction. You can anchor at 4-9 meters from the pier in front of the village. There is a small fisherman's shelter for small boats and a pier. Depth is around 1.5 meters.

The southern side of the Pina peninsula right across from Güvercinlik is suitable for stern-to anchoring.

The south-eastern bay is covered with trees and has a beach.

Güvercinlik is the first residential area on the way to Bodrum and is a cute stopover with its calm sea, hotels and restaurants. The eastern hills of the high and wide Salih Island across the bay have pine forests, and its foothills have olive trees.

Torba Bay - Bodrum

Location: 37°5'12.00" N - 27°27'22.00" E

Torba Bay, is one of the nicest bays in Bodrum. It is situated right beside the Bodrum-Milas highway and has a crystal clear sea, along with pine and olive trees. It is 7km to Bodrum, 30km to Milas Airport and 45 km to Milas centrum with easy transportation.

Torba Bay which is one of the closest bays to the center, pine trees can be found even in the shore.

The bay is located on the northern side of Bodrum Peninsula, between Cape Zeytinli and Cape Boz.

There is an ancient Monastery in the village from 4-5th centuries.

It has a geographical structure that can offer protection to ships and boats even in harsh weather conditions.

There is a  holiday village and small hotels along the shore, restaurants, grocery store, ATM and Gendarmerie, along with buses, minibuses and taxis in the bay.

It is possible to have fuel supplied with a tanker, also there is a laundry and ice for sale. There is a fisherman's shelter to the north, don't get close to the shore there. In other places the depth is around 3-4 meters. It would be better if you asked for help when approaching this shelter which can meet your electricity and water needs.

For those who come on land, there is a place to swim near the ferry pier. The sea is shallow and clean.

Türkbükü (Göltürkbükü)

Location: 37°7'49.00" N - 27°22'45.00" E

Türkbükü is 20km to Bodrum and 45km to Milas airport on land, and there are regular minibus and taxi services.

Göltürkbükü is a natural harbor and is situated between Cape Kesire and Cape Saplı, it's open to zephyrs and you can stay there daily in suitable weather. The bay offers different anchorage alternatives and you can put down anchor to 6-10 meters. We advise you to tie stern-to in front of the cape to the west of the bay.

The area between the Large Island and Small Island to the west of Türkbükü Harbor is deep.  In the channel beginning at the south of Cape Kesire and continuing until Small Island's line, you can anchor stern-to.

Türkbükü in summer is an entertainment center which is crowded and has a heavy land and marine traffic. We inform those who like night life and entertainment. Meanwhile, we warn those who like quiet and peace away.

Türkbükü has a community clinic, Gendarmerie, Bank Office, ATM, Ice, Gas and Laundry.

Gündoğan Koyu - Bodrum

Location: 37°9'5.00" N - 27°21'6.00" E

Gündoğan, which was called Farilya in the past is between Cape Karaca and Cape Çetin. Gündoğan Bay, with Küçük Bük to the east, is an almost pristine, south-oriented, still natural and historically worthwile, beautiful, wide harbor. While going to Gündoğan Bay, we advise you to be careful of underwater rocks in front of Cape Karaca and sail from 55-60meters away from the cape.

The most protected part of the bay in the center of Gündoğan is inside the small recess near the middle of the shore. The inner parts of the bay which is open to northern winds are the most protected parts against zephyrs.

The bottom of the bay that allows anchoring in 7-8 meters is sandy. The fisherman's shelter which houses fishing boats and yachts adds color to the shore. Its rightmost point is about 1.5 meters deep near the shore, and the inner parts are about 3 meters deep. These areas can house 20-30 boats.

The fisherman's shelter has basic electricity, water, ice and gas supplies, along with fresh fish.

In Gündoğan Bay, there is a mall, hotel, restaurant, ATM, community clinic, sailing club, water sports, cargo and post office.

You can find many things you look for in the town market that's set up every Wednesday.

Küçük Bük:

This area is on the eastern side of Gündoğan Bay, protected from zephyrs and its South-western side is suitable for anchoring. We advise you to be careful of underwater debris in front of hotels.

How to go to Gündoğan: It is quite easy to reach this village set up on a rocky hillside on the road from Yalıkavak to Göltürkbükü, 

It's 7km to Yalıkavak, 25km to Bodrum, and 55km to Milas Airport.

In addition to regular minibus trips from the village, there is a taxi service.

We advise you to see; Gündoğan village is one of the oldest settlements in Bodrum.Its history and natural beauties are more than worth seeing. Rock monasteries, church, mosque, Peynir Çiçeği (Cheese Flower) Cave, strange volcanic rock formations and hidden rock tombs; mandarin, olive and pine trees circle the Gündoğan shore. You can visit its green texture, strange rocks in 15 minutes with a boat. We suggest you visit the island of Astapol with its church on top of the hill.


Location: 37°6'27.44" N - 27°17'28.89" E

This bay is surrounded with steep mountains and open to the west, and therefore to the zephyr wind. Bays in the Kudür area to the north are protected. The names of the bays are Ötüsarmı, Piresan and Bahçe Bays, counting from the Cape Göçük. The rare pouring rain from the mountains cause the bottom of the bay to be weedy and mossy, so we advise you to check your anchor after dropping it.

It is the coolest district in Bodrum. The "sweet breeze" from the wind, works the natural air conditioning and Yalıkavak doesn't need extra air conditioning.

We also advise you to be careful when approaching Karataş Shallows in the entrance to Yalıkavak. It reaches from the middle of the harbor to almost 650 meters when approaching Yalıkavak.

The best place to take shelter in Yalıkavak Bay is Port Bodrum Yalıkavak Marina and the pier belonging to the Fisherman's Shelter. In harsh weather the fisherman's shelter is open to zephyr winds and the sea is wavy, so we recommend the marina or the bays.

The fisherman's shelter has electricity, water, ice and gas. If you need more services, Port Marina in Yalıkavak is suitable for all your needs.

How to go to Yalıkavak: It's 19km from Bodrum, 50km from Milas Airport, there are regular minibus trips and taxis.

There is a community clinic, grocery store, hotel, restaurant, cafe, coast guard, gendarmerie, customs, laundry, bank, atm, cargo, post office and a slipway in Yalıkavak.

In the Yalıkavak Market which is set up every Thursday, you can find vegetables and fruits and textile products.

Recommended Sightseeing: Artists' Street, Sandırma Village consisting of historical and stone houses, Geriş Village -Tibet of Bodrum, and the windmills on hillsides.


Location: 37°3'11.00" N - 27°13'55.00" E

Gümüşlük is a protected bay in the West end of the peninsula, one of the oldest settlements in Bodrum and a natural harbor. It is possible to see the remains of the harbor connecting the Tavşan (Rabbit) Island to the shore in Gümüşlük. Gümüşlük is situated between Cape Dönmez in the north-west and Cape Karabakla in the south-west.

In the entrance of Gümüşlük harbor, there are underwater rocks and debris 25-30m from the entry direction of the peninsula to the port side of your boat and 35-40m  from the island at the starboard side.

You can anchor to 6-15 meters at the harbor to the north after you enter the bay, without approaching east too much.  You should also pay attention to the old pier under the water, to the east of the middle of the bay which becomes shallower towards the end.

The bottom is sandy and holds the anchor well, and since there are many boats coming to the bay in windy weather, some disorder may happen, albeit rarely. Since the shores to the west are low, harsh north-western winds affect the bay.

8-10 boats may be tied to the small municipal pier in the bay. The pier is generally used by boats that need supplying.

The pier has electricity, water, ice, gas and fish.

There is a community clinic, pharmacy, hotel, post office, cafe, barber's shop, cargo office, bank, ATM, gendarmerie and ambulance service in Gümüşlük.

The town market sets up on Wednesday.

How to go to Gümüşlük: It's 60km from Milas Airport, 25km from Bodrum and 7km from Turgutreis. There are regular minibus trips to Bodrum, Turgutreis and Yalıkavak. There are also taxis.

Recommended Sightseeing: Myndos ruins, Bodrum Houses, Historical Church, Tavşanlı Island, Vineyards, Mandarin orchards. We also recommend that you taste the delicious fish cooked in fish restaurants.

Kadıkalesi Koyu

Location: 37.032089, 27.246157

Kadıkalesi is situated in the western end of Bodrum Peninsula and surrounded by a clear sea and citrus orchards. It gets its name from the castle ruins which is a sample of Hellenistic era architecture.

Also known as Peksimet (sea biscuit) village, Kadıkalesi is a very old settlement, a very calm small bay in summer and an important trading center. The village is situated between Turgutreis and Gümüşlük, and borders the Greek islands.

Although it has a very important position in tourism, it also is the center of vegetables and fruits in Bodrum.

Kadıkalesi Village was built in the Leleges era of the ancient city situated in the village, which is called Pedasos. It is thought that Pedasos was the first of 8 cities on the peninsula and the capital of the Lelegs. The namesake castle of Kadıkalesi Bay is built upon a cape and is surrounded by mandarin orchards.

You can use the piers of hotels on the shoreline and tie to the municipal harbor within the bay. While entering the bay, the starboard side is protected from zephyr winds and the bottom of the bay is sandy.

There is a grocery store, hotel, community clinic, ATM, post office and cargo service in Kadıkalesi.

How to go to Kadıkalesi: It's 60km from Milas Airport, 21km from Bodrum, 7km from Turgutreis, 2km from Gümüşlük, 12km from Yalıkavak. There are regular minibus trips to Bodrum, Turgutreis and Yalıkavak. There are also taxis.

Gümbet Koyu

Location: 37°1'39.00" N - 27°24'5.00" E

Gümbet is the first bay to the west of Bodrum. It is located between İnceburun and Adaburun, it is wide, protected and closed to any winds. Since it is only 2km away from Bodrum, both its land and marine traffic are heavy.

Gümbet has a long beach and shallow waters, the most preferred entertainment venues and hotels in Bodrum are here.

The buoys determining the swimming areas in front of beaches and hotels, are laid down all along the shore.

The bottom is sandy, noodly and mossy. You can anchor your boat to areas outside the swimming zones to 6-10 meters depth. The western part of the bay is called Asarlı Bay and it gets shallower as you approach the eastern shore.

The eastern pier is generally full but you should try your luck.

The shore has all the possibilities of Bodrum's center. Gümbet is actually thought as a separate location from Bodrum.

Gümbet is indispensable for night life and entertainment lovers, and could be too noisy for boat and yacht enthusiasts who'd like a quiet place.

Akyar Peninsula and Bays

Location: 36°57'57.00" N - 27°17'36.00" E

Akyarlar, also known with its ancient name Arhialla, is at the south-west of Bodrum Peninsula. It is located 0.80 miles to the east of Cape Koca and Cape Akyarlar to the west. It is 3 miles from the Greek island of Kos. 

In the middle of the peninsula which ends at Paşa rocks at the west and Cape Koca at the east, we advise you to be aware of shallows that reach up to 200m from the shore.

To avoid hindering the entry and exit of the 25 capacity fisherman's shelter on the shore with your boat or yacht, you can anchor to 5-8 meters towards the east. The bottom is sandy. 

You can also tie to the fisherman's pier. The depth is around 3 meters. The shelter has water, gas, electricity and fresh fish.

You can also stay in the open in the bay. The depth falls steeply towards the shore. We advise you to be careful when staying stern-to.

The bay is protected from zephyr winds, open to southern winds.

Akçabük Bay, which is towards the west of Akyarlar Bay, is a suitable anchorate, protected from northern winds.

You can find a community clinic, pharmacy, gendarmerie, restaurant, grocery store, cafe, patisserie, hotel, bank and ATM in Akyarlar.

The town market sets up on Thursday.

How to go to Akyarlar: It's 22km frm Bodrum, 9m from Turgutreis. There are regular minibus trips, and taxis are available.

We recommend you to see: You can visit the ancient Termera city on the shore easily.

Bağla Bay:

Location: 36°59'48.00" N - 27°19'59.00" E

Bağla, which has one of the best bays of Bodrum and the Bağla beach (Develi Beach), are to the west of Cape Bağla. The bay is protected from zephyr winds, the sea and its bottom are unique. Sometimes there are downpours from the mountains to the north. The bay is a popular spot for daily tour boats.

It is possible to meet every need on the shore.

How to go to Bağla It is 14km from Bodrum and there are constant minibus trips and taxis are available.


Location: 37°0'17.00" N - 27°15'13.00" E

 Turgutreis, which takes its name from the famous Turkish sailor, Admiral Turgut Reis, is the most populated settlement after Bodrum. Turgut Reis was born here in 1485.

Although the southern shore is comfortable, the northern shore is shallow, and it becomes so abruptly. The shallows that cover a wide area cause high waves in windy weather.

"Sporak" archipelago which consists of 14 islands, large and small, look like they've been sprinkled in front of Turgutreis. The Greek island Kos and Kalymnos are right beside this archipelago.

Turgutreis is famous for its wind and its hosts the largest marina on the peninsula, D-Marin Turgutreis to the south.

Turgutreis has a small shelter that can house 13 boats. The depth is about 3 meters and we advise you to be careful in wavy waters.

You can find water, gas, ice, wastewater discharge station and coast guard in the Shelter.

In Turgutreis: Community clinic, Pharmacy, Bank, Cargo, Post office and ATM

Every Wednesday the peasant's market, and every Saturday the regular market set up.

How to go to Turgutreis: It's 20km to Bodrum. There are regular minibus trips to Bodrum and all other neighboring districts. There are also taxis.

Recommended Sightseeing in Bodrum

Bodrum Underwater Archaeology Museum. The underwater archaeology museum which is located inside Bodrum Castle, is unique in Turkey and rare in the world. It is one of the best examples of its kind which has won the "Special Praise" award in Europe in 1995. In the museum which is set up inside Bodrum Castle which has a rich history, belongings, clothes, tools and antiques belonging to ancient mariners and knights of the dark middle ages are on exhibit. This museum will leave its mark with you, it is a must see.

Mindos Gate:  

Mindos Gate gets its name from the Ancient Myndos city, which is known today as Gümüşlük. It is the first place that Alexander the Great has used to lay siege to the city.

The Myndos Gate is the best preserved part of the city walls that remain today. It has seen very bloody conflicts during Alexander's Asian campaign.

Karians and Persians defending the city have fallen before Alexander's army. Alexander the Great takes over the city, leaves a garrison of 2500 soldiers to Princess Island and goes on his way.

Bodrum Ancient Theatre:

The theatre was built in 4th century B.C., in King Mausolos' era. It is shaped like a horseshoe and built according to the ancient tradition, with its back towards a mountain. It is one of the oldest and most beautiful ancient theatres in Turkey.  The upper part of the theatre has fallen victim to time and most of the sitting areas have disappeared. A rectangular altar which was used for sacrifices to Dinoysos, god of wine and theatre, in the religious rituals of antique ages, is still there. The Ancient Theatre is one of Turkey's oldest and is built in the classical antique age. The theatre still hosts many concerts and festivals in Bodrum, and it serves 13.000 persons.

Bodrum Mausoleum:

The mausoleum which was started by Mausolos, King of Karia in the ancient city of Halicarnassos, today known as Bodrum,  in 350 B.C. Following the death of the king, his sister and wife, Artemisia have completed the work. 

The tomb which is considered one of the seven wonders of the world is built upon  a 105 x 242 m terrace. All buildings and tombs similar to this one which were built afterwards, are called mausoleums. We recommend you to visit this historically important structure, since you are in Bodrum.

Pedasa Antique City:

Pedasa is the most well preserved of Leleg cities and is an Antique city that you'd wish to see in Bodrum. You'll know that you're getting near Pedasa when you see the domed graves looking like old cisterns, built with the dry-wall technique (by piling stones circularly), similar to cuploas. Pedasa is just 4km to Bodrum and is worth a visit.

Zeki Müren Museum:

The house in which the great artist Zeki Müren has spent his last years in Bodrum, exhibits the personal possessions, photographs and awards of the artist.


Wind and Sea in Bodrum Turkey

In Bodrum the current wind during the summer time is the breeze (turkish ''meltem''). It hits across the coast from NW looking after period and blow down into the gulfs. It mostly hits at Strength Five- Seven (Seventeen To Thirty three knots) in the summertime with stronger gusts over the high land on the northern sides in the gulfs. From the head of a gulfs it tends to run out at steam. At the beginning and then ending of summer|the summer season} after the meltem (wind) doesn't blow winds still are usually northerly however, there may also be a southerly sea wind. At the same time at the beginning and end of year a depression nicely pass through delivering gale push breeze, generally from the south.

Waters round the region are the familiar short slice of the Mediterranean that may be harder to beat up to windward against. In the summertime a fairly regular recent goes northwards inside the Turkish sea-coast also around headlands and capes and into narrow channels the current wind power blowing against the recent should spice up a confounded waters.

Bodrum Gulf is Convenient to…

Bodrum is suitable for everybody from beginner to intermediate and professional sailors with respect to the ranges you desire to sail. Regarding skippered catamaran, gulet or motor yacht charter in Bodrum you don't experience at all and may do much or maybe very little on the boat as you desire.

At a wind season usually the wind may possibly generally be powerful and off the capes more or less mixed-up sea can be . Private yacht rentals in Bodrum is actually a combination of bareboat also skippered private yacht charter using the town's boats, our gulets,motor yachts, catamarans running in Bodrum.

Private Charter Yacht & Boat Rental  Combination in Bodrum

It is possible to rent a boat or yacht in Bodrum, just like in all the Mediterranean and Aegean regions. Charter boats and yachts are generally classical Bodrum-made wooden Gulet, Motor Yachts, Sail Boats and Sail Catamarans. The Sailboats and Catamarans can be rented with staff or bareboat (fuel and all other expenses paid by the renters). For trips with a friend group or business activity, yacht agencies renting sailboat flotillas can be found in Bodrum. Moreover, bareboat renting, skipper and cook renting are also alternatives. Bodrum Boat And Yacht Rental >>>

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