Marinas & Anchorages in Fethiye


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Marinas in Fethiye

ECE Marina

Capacity:  460 Boats Length: 60 m

Ece Marina also offers all accommodation services and SPA services with ECE Saray Hotel.

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Yes Marina

Capacity: 30 Boats Length: 25

It is in the southwest coast of Fethiye Gulf. It offers grocery store, technical service, electricity, water and free internet services.

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Letonia Marina

Capacity: 30 Boats Length: 25

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Suitable Places for Anchoring and Accommodation:

Paçariz Thicket

It is a very well protected area suitable for anchorage at 6 to 10 meters, at the end of the bay to the west of Cape Paçariz.

Batıkkaya Thicket

Off the shore from the beach under the lighthouse, suitable for anchoring at 5 to 15 meters. However there are a lot of mosquitoes in the area.

Between Cape İlbiz and Cape Çamlı

The pine covered mountains abruptly descend to the sea. Apart from the zephyr season (August and September) it is a great place to anchor. We don't advise it in harsh weathers.

Gemiler Island and its Environs

It is in the large bay to the east of Cape İlbiz. The underwater rock about 70 meters from the cape may be dangerous for your boat.


There is a pass 10m deep in its shallowest place between the over-water rock in the outermost part of the reef  and the island which has many ruins. You should take the possible debris in the extended parts of the capes into account when you pass through. The pier's depth is not suitable for sidling, the tying spot of the restaurant in the shore may also be used.

Gemiler Thicket

Gemiler Thicket has a restaurant, cafe and bar on the shore and it is an elliptic bay right across the western tip of the island. You can anchor at 10 meters from the beach or you can put a hawser on the shore at the western corner.

Gemiler Island

Suitable for anchoring off the shore from the island at the western end of the pass. Although the depth is about 7-9 meters at 15-20 meters from the shore, it gets very shallow very quickly towards the shore. You must pay attention to underwater rocks here and we advise you to sail at least 20-25 meters off the shore.

The hills have settlement ruins from the Byzantine era . You will love the mosaics within the buildings and around them.

Beştaş Harbor

The water off the bech is suitable for anchoring. You can also prefer the little recess at the western part of the bay. There is an underwater spring here, thus the water is very cold and clear and ideal for swimming. It's a different experience.

Yorgun Bay (Ölüdeniz)

You can put down anchor at 15-20 meters under the hook shaped cape at the south-western part of the bay or put down a hawser to the western hillside. Around the beach and at the north-east shore of Ölüdeniz, there are various restaurants, bars and beach cafes. You can get to Fethiye by minibus or taxi from here.

It is forbidden to enter Yorgun Bay with a boat. You can anchor your boat or yacht to the bay entrance and get on land to see these unique beauties.

Yedi Burunlar (Seven Capes)

Yedi Burunlar lies between Cape Kötü and Cape Zeytin, in the south/south-east direction for about 7 miles. They start right to the south of Ölüdeniz, at 9 miles from it. This is the point where the ancient river of Xanthos meets the sea. We suggest that you sail about 2-3 miles off shore in zephyr season for a safe journey.

The birth place of Bishop Nikolas of Myra, meaning Santa Claus; Ancient city of Patara is to the south of the beach. We recommend that you visit it while you're there.

Cape Kötü

Cape Kötü is very deep and suitable for anchoring outside the zephyr season.

Yeşilköy Harbor

You will see the olive trees and lemonoids covering the hills surrounding the bay the moment you get in with your boat. The western part of the harbor has suitable anchorage places but the bottom is mossy and sandy, so don't neglect to check on your anchor after you lay it down. Most of the time the anchor doesn't hold.


If you sail from the West, you may see Çatal Islands as a single island, that's normal. Çatal Islands are two islands separated by a narrow pass. The town of Kalkan can be seen from the bay. We advise you to be mindful of strong winds coming from the west in zephyr season.

There is a underwater freshwater spring in Kalkan near the harbor. The pier has electricity, fuel and water services. The town as grocery stores to cover your basic needs, restaurants, post office, exchange office, ATM, dry cleaning, rent-a-car for your travel needs, minibus and bus services. Kalkan is very near to Xanthos and Patara so we recommend you visit these beauties while you're there.

Sarıbelen Island

This little island that needs attention when you pass from the north of Heybeli Island, is actually a rock. The shallowest point around it is about 4m. We advise boats and yachts with a long fin to take care of the shallow area marked with buoys.

Bucak Sea (Port Vahi)

Port Vahi bay is a longitudinal bay and there are two rocks at its entrance. You can tie your boat to the shore at a suitable spot near the end of this bay, oriented towards the north-west of Çukurbağ Peninsula.

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