Marmaris Yacht Charter


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Yacht Charter & Sailing Vocation in Marmaris Turkey


Marmaris stays in an amazing gulf opposite the island from Rhodes Greece. A lot of charter fleets are dependent at the harbour and / or all over the great gulf. Out of at this point boats might discover frequently west within the Coastline of the Hisarönü or even SE towards the Gulf coast of Fethiye. The climate can be amazing during the summer and it's also consistently comfy inside September and moreover October. Conditions has the ability to get 34- 36ºC and also it can be hot and additionally sticky off any sort of movement.


Wind and Sea  in Marmaris Turkey

İn Marmaris the Current wind during the summer time is a meltemi although here it often has got the distinct diurnal element and dies off from to a few range at night in addition to early morning. Usually the gust don't pass up to Ekincik just before the afternoon . About the way more revealed coast, most definitely across the coast running all the way down to Bozburun, this meltemi will knock back on the North west at around Power 4-6 and then around (Eleven to Twelve knot) into July to Sept. İf the meltemi does not blow there is certainly be a water snap coming from the south east. İn early and recent holiday season a despair may go through, bringing tempestpower winds, very often through sth.

Seas at the Marmaris are unquestionably shorter and then clean and can also end up baffled around capes via slender channels where the prevailing the wind blows against the north-going current. And then there isn't gust all around the coastal from Marmaris and south of the Ekincik there'll certainly be a baffled water, the end result of wind additionally out over water.

Marmaris Gulf is Convenient to…

Marmaris gulfs is great for first timers combined with advanced to be able to qualified seamen. Gulet voyages always operate from this point. Private yacht charter at Marmaris is truly a combination of private crewed charters and flotilla, bareboat hire from catamaran, sailboat, motor sailer, motor yachts, together with tours all around Marmaris coves till to Ekincik or Dalyan, yacht holidays thanks to traditional Turkish gulet.


It is possible to charter a yacht or rent a boat in Marmaris, just like in all the Mediterranean and Aegean regions. Charter boats and yachts are generally classical Turkish-made wooden Gulet, Motor Yachts, Sail Boats and Catamarans. The Sailboats and Catamarans can be rented with staff or bareboat (fuel and all other expenses paid by the renters). For trips with a friend group or business activity, yacht agencies renting sailboat flotillas can be found in Marmaris. Moreover, bareboat renting, skipper and cook renting are also alternatives.

We should remind that as we don't just rent the yacht or boat and leave our guests to their fates. During Blue Voyage we constantly monitor your voyage, we offer mail, hairdressing, massage, shopping, private helicopter or jet rental services for you to have the perfect vacation on and off board...  We offer you a better service and quality of life by actualizing your similar demands and requests with our "Yacht Concierge" service.

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Free Airport Transfer ''VIP''

With E-YACHTBOOKING.COM, we are offering our guests who charter Private Gulet , Motor Yachts, Sailboats, Catamarans free Airport Transfer  from Bodrum and Dalaman Airports. 

Private Jet & Helicopter Transfer

If you want to enjoy a difference and admire this unique nature covered with pine forests in which green and blue come together with our helicopter in Dalaman or Bodrum, see the bays and beaches from the air and reach your yacht on a chopper, call us to get information about our Private Helicopter Transfer.